International Conference on
Japanese Responsibility of
WW II Atrocities

Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WW-II in Asia

P.O. Box 2066, Cupertino, California 95015-2066, U.S.A

International Conference
Japanese Responsibility of WW II Atrocities

Standford University, Palo Alto, California USA

December 6 - December 8, 1996


Assess the state of Sino-Japanese relationship and Japan's legal responsibi- lities for its past misdeeds in accordance to international laws and treaties. Build worldwide alliance to jointly pursue atonement cases in courts and in the United Nations.


  1. Discuss, document, and publish atrocities committed by Japanese during the War.
  2. Study and determine legal basis for reparation cases.
  3. Examine past and current legal cases and U.N. resolutions to seek precedence for future lawsuits.
  4. Explore opportunities to file or join lawsuits with other international groups.
  5. Establish a permanent workgroup to:

    • draft and issue a position statement on the atonement issues for the organization;
    • formally attain the status as the "attorney-in-fact" for certain atrocity victims and/or their families who need legal representation on their behalf;
    • maintain on-going communications on related matters with member organizations of the Alliance; and
    • institute and administer plans to manage the litigation process and results.

Invited guest speakers and consultants:

  1. Gilbert Hair Executive Director, Center for Internee Rights, an organization based in Miami, Florida with more than 33,000 paid members from 9 former Allied nations. Also a practicing lawyer and a victim of the Japanese atrocities during WW II (disabled and lost his father to the brutal treatments in the internment camps).

  2. Karen Parker Attorney-at-law based in San Francisco, specializing in international human rights and humanitarian (armed conflict) law. Active in the promotion of international human rights since 1980. Non-governmental representative at United Nations since 1982. Author of many publications, including several on compensation for "comfort women." Filed expert opinion in Japanese courts in "comfort women" cases.

  3. Gregory Rodriguez National Legislative Liaison, American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (a well respected veteran organization). Also a researcher and consultant on Japanese biochemical warfare druing the War. Note that his father, who just past away in June 1996, was a survivor of the Death March of Bataan and a survivor of the Unit 731 germ warfare lab in Mukden, Manchuria.

  4. Japanese Attorneys who are pursuing litigations related to Japanese war crimes.

  5. Legal/medical scholars, and historians specializing in Japanese war crimes.

Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WW-II in Asia (GAPHA) is a world wide alliance to unite all organizations to preserve the truth of the painful history of World War II in Asia. APTSJW is one of the original founder of GAPHA and is the major sponsor of this conference.

Admission to the Conference is FREE but donation is welcomed.

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fax (408)725-1195 for registration.

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December 6-8, 1996
Palo Alto, CA USA

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